5 Reasons Realtors Need to Offer Home Staging Consultations

Most people think home staging consultations are just for the homeowner's benefit but Realtors have a lot to gain too. When the homeowner completes the suggested tasks within the consultations, their property will show better, which makes it easier for the Realtor to sell it. This creates a ripple effect; less time on the market, faster

sale, higher sales price, more commission, and more time to find new listings. In addition, if the homeowner does not complete the recommendations and wonders why their property is not selling, the Realtor can go back and review the suggested tasks to reiterate the importance of why they need to follow the advice.

Read ahead to learn about a Realtors top 5 benefits from home staging!

Reason 5: Saves Your Time and Energy

Home staging consultations save the Realtor time and energy spent convincing clients to make ROI-worthy repairs and eliminates the awkward talk about clutter or outdated home decor. We do that all for you! Agent/homeowner relationships can be tricky, why not let us be the bad guy.

Reason 4: Helps Preserve Your Commission

Take care of it so they don't have to worry about it. Be your client's forward-thinking modern agent and offer home staging consultations as an added value, this will help to dissuade homeowners from haggling over your commission. You provide VALUE, QUALITY, AND SERVICE.

Reason 3: Ensures the Best MLS Photos

Today's homebuyer searches for their HGTV perfect home online. Home staging ensures high-quality MLS photos, which not only leads to more viewings but also gives the even better-looking portfolio.

Reason 2: Creates a Reputation of Success

Staged homes statistically sell faster and for more money than unstaged homes. Over time, fast sales and higher sales prices create a reputation of success for a Realtor. Quick NAR fact: staged homes sell 79% faster than non-staged homes!

Reason 1: Keeps Your Pipeline Full

Save time and energy (let us be the bad guy), higher commissions, more time, a gorgeous portfolio, a reputation of success combine to equal one BIG reason Realtors should give their clients a staging consultation: it keeps your pipeline FULL.

A home staging consultation is a low-cost investment with big, long-term returns for

profitability, success, and keeps your clients coming in the door.

Wondering how you can offer your clients a staging consultation? Let's talk.

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